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The high-quality and personal exterior design, the individual and varied interior options (e.g. number, size & design of the cabins, open or gas fireplace, underfloor heating, bathroom equipment etc.) make every owner's heart beat faster. We can realize almost any of your exclusive and personal wishes.

The "CLASSIC" is based on the so-called "AVANTGARDE Custom Line" and enables personal customization that is unusual for this market segment. Our "bel étage living concept" offers a hitherto unknown but phenomenal and luxurious living comfort for yachts of this class. The elegant lines of the yacht and the obvious focus on interior design on a single living level make life on board uniquely comfortable. There is no oppressive narrowness, no steps and you internalize the spaciousness like at home in your 4 walls.

The AVANTGARDE motor yachts impress with high-quality and perfectly corrosion-protected steel hulls and the valuable interior. In addition to the focus on individuality, the perfect performance data offer safe and comfortable travel on the extensive European inland waterways.

“Welcome to a yacht that redefines an unprecedented level of comfort on board and comfortable travel on the waterways”


RUMPFLÄNGE________________________________       18,30 m

LÄNGE ÜBER ALLES______________________________ 19,80 m

BREITE__________________________________________ 4,85 m

TIEFGANG_______________________________________ 0,90 m

VERDRÄNGUNG______________________________ 36.0000 KG

KAPAZITÄT TREIBSTOFF____________________________ 550_L

MOTOR____________________________              105_PS - 6 ZLY


BUGSTRAHLRUDER________________________              95 KgF

MARSCH-GESCHWINDIGKEIT _______________________6,5 KN

MAXIMAL-GESCHWINDIGKEIT_____________________   9,5_KN

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